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[There's a birthday party spread set up outside wherever the TARDIS is parked. But the birthday girl is busy packing up the last of her things in her room.]

(Not sure I'll be able to play this entire post out, but I want to give it a shot, because I realised I dropped Rose the day before her birthday. So! Will pick up threads as long as I can manage.)




Rose has 3 days, and idk yet. DOCTOR?

Io has 2 days, and is spending them with Ebi, checking up on people, doing a LOT of shopping, and going to an amusement park!

Rayfell has one day, and may or may not be using her vacation time to go get laid. Cheryl doesn't have vacation time, iirc, soooooo... She'll also probably stop in on Cherry and Rayflo at some point!

Arthur has one day, and I have yet to decide what he's doing, but Merlin is going with him. MAYBE THEY'LL GO HOME, MAYBE THEY'LL GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. If they go home, he's leaving Balinor to be babysat by Toothless. THANKS BUDDY :Db

CASTMATES/CR, who is doing what for vacation. I didn't choose to use vacation time last year so IDK MY BFF MAKING SOMEONE ELSE MAKE RP DECISIONS FOR ME. What doing? :D?

Katy told me to

So there's a British television chan now.


Primarily for Doctor Who/Sherlock/Merlin/Being Human/Any future british canons, but anyone is welcome ♥


Give me a character I play(ed) and a kink and I'll tell you how they feel about them.

I currently play: Rose Tyler, Nanba Io, Rayfell, Arthur Pendragon, and Brittany Pierce

I used to play: JJ Adams, Firo Prochainezo, Joushima Ken, Houraiji Kyouichi, Patty Thompson, and Satonaka Chie. AT LEAST I THINK THAT'S ALL OF THEM?



Because I was bored at 3am, have a somewhat disjointed mini essay. I make no guarantees for coherency.

Short version: Rose isn't in love with the Doctor anymore.

Long versionCollapse )



Rose is a friendly and sometimes kinda toppy time-traveller from London with a soft spot for flirty boys and friendly aliens.

Io is a fashion-forward MILF who just might kick you in the face if you're not careful. Or put you in a dress, if you're a small boy.

Rayfell is a lolicon vampire whose hobbies include invading people's personal space, sometimes pretending to be her brothertwinclonewhatever, and skeezing on little girls I MEAN BEING COMPLETELY FAITHFUL TO HER TINY TOPPY LOLINUN VAMPIRE HUNTER GIRLFRIEND.

Arthur is the once and future king of Camelot, sort of a prat, deeply prejudiced against magic, but deep down, actually a good person.




Rose got trapped... in a hole or something with America after naked day, idk. If they made out out of boredom, well. Neither of them are telling England about it.

Io was off-screen helping in the hospital wherever she could (but mostly away from contagions) and/or shouting at Umeda for getting himself sick. :|

Rayfell was sitting back and watching the show. (pooooossibly got turned into something fuzzy following naked day. idk, cheryl what are your thoughts?)

Arthur was conveniently unconscious in his room for most of it. :D

moooostly i paid no attention to the plot because i missed most of it? so i'm just gonna roll with the scenery change and not really play out reactions to it because whateverrrrrrrr i am trying hard to be zen you guys but i'm not sure it's working.

Voice Post

848K 4:25
(no transcription available)



not-semi-hiatusish thing. feeling low on energy for playing at camp right now, plus I'm hopefully going to continue to be super busy at work for awhile (moneyyyy). there's the whole "livejournal stop being a slow-ass twat i'm sick of your crap" thing, and i also don't really feel up to playing in the current camp-wide event plot, so.

for anything other than that, i'll still be on IRC and GChat if anyone wants me for a thread, and i maaaaaaay be posting something (backdated for april fools) soonish, but yeah.

also, dongs.


I am:
Ry! rhymed/[personal profile] crescendo

I Play:
Rose Tyler (a_valiant_rose) - Doctor Who
Joushima Ken (changinchannels) - Reborn!
Nanba Io (abusive_beauty) - HanaKimi
Satonaka Chie (hwa_taaaaa) - Persona 4
Rayfell (lolipopper) - Vassalord
JJ Adams (shootin_blanks) - FAKE
Arthur Pendragon (praticaldestiny) - Merlin

I Used To Play:
Houraiji Kyouichi (bigwoodensword) - Tokyo Majin
Patty Thompson (banguplulz) - Soul Eater
Firo Prochainezo (haberdashing) - Baccano!

...is that everyone? I KEEP REAPPING PEOPLE. SO.

Contact: I am almost always in #campfuckudie, and a number of other chans. If not, I'm on Gmail/Gtalk, where I am words.that.rhyme@gmail.
Also like, more than half of CFUD has my mobile number. So feel free to text that WHENEVER. Just tell me who it is if you don't think i have your number. |Db

EMERGENCY Contact: I live with dasschlechtende! Also any of the Seattle CFUDers can find me, if for some reason she can't. If I've got you friended on my personal journal, there is a contact info link in my userinfo that is kept pretty up to date.

Availability: My availability varies greatly! I work a different schedule every week, lol work, but I'm not in school or anything. But living with like nearly a dozen other CFUDers in my city plus other friends means I actually have a SOCIAL LIFE :ooo so sometimes I have plans at night. BUT I AM ALL FOR MAKING PLANS TO THREAD OR POST IN THE NEAR FUTURE IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING WITH ME. Just PM or email me or hit me up in a shared chan, if applicable.

Timezone/Language: PST, and I only speak English fluently.

The Playing Experience: I AM A HUGE FLAKE sometimes I will thread/run posts for hours, sometimes I will forget I had a thread going after three comments. I am almost always willing to pick threads up if I am prodded, but generally if it's been more than three or four days since I've tagged, I've lost the feel for the thread and am willing to just handwave how the rest of it would have gone, if needed.


Betaing: There is a 50/50 chance I will be a good beta if you ask me to. ... Okay more like 25/75. I AM SORT OF A FAILBETA MOST OF THE TIME but there have been apps I have put a lot of work into betaing. Mostly I am good for stuff I am either completely blind to (though I am more likely to flake out on betaing those if I'm not in the mood), or completely familiar with (which I sometimes just spazz and get too excited about to beta well. YEAH I SUCK. 8Db)

AUs: I LOVE RPing PORN. No really. Even if it's hilarious and bad and our characters haven't even really met, there is a good chance I will AU with you with at least one or two of my characters. I am also up for nonsexual AUs.

Pimping: I take forever to get into some canons, no matter how much they are pimped at me. So you can try, but it's rare something actually catches my attention from pimping so much that I will go out right then and get it. usually if I'm interested, I'll get to it on my own later.

As for pimping my own canons, past or present, I am totally up for helping you find downloads or streams or whatever! Just ask ♥

Other: I LOVE YOU ALL. I am having a hard time getting my rp groove back after my month+ hiatus, which is making me even more to prone to thread dropping and emoing about my lineup, but don't ever take that personally. IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME. IT IS SO VERY MUCH ME.
Also, since everyone is taking this place to say how not scary they are, I'd just like to say, if you're scared of me, you're ridiculous, because I am pretty much the least intimidating person in this game ♥