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The songs are in your eyes, I see them when you smile

(gonna stay with you forever)

Rose Tyler
27 April 1986
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  • a_valiant_rose@livejournal.com
RP account for campfuckudie played by rhymed from 2008-03-31 to 2011-04-26
Final comment count: 7,557

Icons for this account were mostly found through dwicons; keywords by notamartian
rhymed, timorousbeastie, eyeconic, cloudydaise, enamelicons, tasteofblame, world_icons
windsong_icons, allfireburns, netherfield_x, threepointsix, skylight_icons, ep_ic, sveti_icons
dizzycolors, fivequeenlywits, iconsinabox, hiunnomiko, love_boxed, imskankalicious, seechaos
funkeh_smoo, songstressicons, socks_of_maroon, biggapinghollow, beneathgulmissy, dragonflyopera
lenyia, vanitashaze, hollow_art, satansicons, doras_icons, bengillis, iwantchips

I may have people credited who I don't yet have icons uploaded from, and there may be a couple others that I missed getting the names down for.
If I have an icon of yours that you're not credited for, feel free to let me know!

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